Cooking Class

Our cooking classes are custom made for you. Personal or group classes are available in Spanish, English or Italian, let us know what you want to learn and we will prepare an exciting class to discover new techniques and dishes!


  1. Norma Joslin says:

    Will your cooking class on June 26 be taught in English? – Please provide information about what will be cooked and how you will be teaching. – Will students only watch, or will they participate in the cooking?

  2. abbocato says:

    Our lessons will be on the common language of the group.So we can set up the cooking lesson on English, Italian, Spanish, French or even German.

  3. Brian Singletary says:

    We will be in Papagayo for our honeymoon and I am thinking a cooking lesson may be fun. Also we would like a reservation for two on Monday 24-Sept

    1. abbocato says:

      Thanks for contact our restaurant. For this time of the year we closed for low season but I will contact if this change.

      Best Regards,